Get the Techie Glitches out of your way! Build Your Business and Have No Tech Headache!


Teresa The Technical VA will help take the techincal problems out your way so that you can get on to the business of building your business!

Build your business and web presence without the technical hurdles.  Already there, but have just a few issues that need to be ironed out - I can help.

Website Design Portfolio

Get your message out with a good website design.  I can make suggestions about platform and help you get your site set up and running without the technical nightmare.

Publish a book on Amazon in kindle or print format without all of the technical hurdles.  I can help with the entire process, or just get you over the hump.

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Teresa Mills

Teresa Mills

About Teresa

My passion in addition to travel, is to help entrepreneurs get over the technical hurdles that get in the way of their doing business.  I love solving a technical problem, and then getting out of your way so you can get down to your business.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

If you need technical help, big or small, ask Teresa! Every time I have a Wordpress issue, Teresa resolves it quickly and efficiently.. totally amazing me every time. She can do the coding changes that I just don't understand... and has helped me, with both small issues (no avatar image for me, the blog owner) to bigger issues (change the top navigation bar as it's too tall, wasting "above the fold" space), Both were HUGE to me, and done relatively easily by Teresa. She is not judgemental, just does the work you need done. Thank you, Teresa, for all your HELP!

Wendy Fisher,
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I got in touch with Teresa to help coach me through some website design changes when I was first getting exposed to CSS. Teresa's calm style and knowledge about the subject helped me begin to better understand (and even enjoy!) working with CSS files. I highly recommend Teresa for anything you may need in regard to web development.

L Krout, LK Website Design